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Rina Conquers Space: Storage container emptied after 10 years in Novato, CA

Let's Get Organized!

Organizing is second nature for me - show me an overstuffed junk drawer or overflowing bedroom closet and my brain begins to work, finding a place for everything. It's like a game of Tetris or solving a puzzle. Hard, yes, but I truly enjoy it. Imagine that! 


My father was an archeologist and collector, so I understand the importance of the items we hold dear, but also understand when an item may need to be re-homed. I'll make sure that we sort through all the items with you to make sure they got donated, recycled, thrown away or stored. 

Some of my projects include:

  • Downsizing and preparing for sale a packed-to-the-gills 4-bedroom house (with finished basement and attic) in Newton, MA after 35 years of occupancy.

  • Downsizing and preparing for sale a 3-bedroom house in Boynton Beach, FL after 30 years of occupancy.

  • Preparing a 3-bedroom house in Oakland, CA for a full-house move and sale after 37 years of occupancy.

  • Preparing a newly inherited 3-bedroom home into a short-term rental in Berkeley, CA after 50 years of occupancy. 

  • Reorganizing an industrial bakery and cafe storeroom in San Francisco, CA.

  • Reorganizing and setting up storage systems in a bedroom closet and kitchen pantry for a client in Berkeley, CA.

How It Works

1.   A free 30 minute initial consultation:

  • Set the goals of the project (reorganization of a space; downsizing; moving).

  • Identify the Scope of the project (timeline; expectations).

  • Initial estimate for your project.

2.   I will remove the items out of the area to be reorganized:

  • All items will be put into 4 areas to be sorted (KEEP,  DONATE, RECYCLE, STORE).

3.   Sort through piles together:

  • This process can move as fast as is comfortable for you, it can be unexpectedly emotional. 

4.   Return KEEP items to the area or pack them in well-marked boxes. 

  • I can recommend storage systems options, but I do not install.  

  • I can recommend an appraiser to examine more valuable items.




Rina has worked with me on two separate home organizing projects, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. 


The first was the very emotional task of moving through my son's room after he passed away. She handled this with the grace, clarity, efficiency and speed that I didn't know I needed. Most items were categorized, labeled and stored in the closet until I was better equipped to deal with them, with the remainder donated. She helped me to arrange for someone to come do a heavy cleaning afterwards and took the donated items away herself. Invaluable.


Then just a few months ago she helped me tackle my bedroom closet and kitchen cabinets - both projects that I had been procrastinating around for months. Again she was methodical, efficient and cheerful. 


Worth every single cent! 

Julie G., Berkeley

When my father retired he joined me in Los Angeles. It seemed like he took everything from his 3 story house and somehow fit it into a 2 bedroom apartment. 


After he passed I realized how much work had to be done. There were stacks of papers all over. These stacks included one of a kind photos, unique documents, personal essays and published works mixed together with coupons, magazines,stickers, junk mail…you get the picture. Everything needed to be sorted. Everything.


Rina entered and immediately created a plan of action. Within a week everything was organized. We reduced a 2 bedroom filled with paper to 15 boxes.


Rina also addressed the artwork, furniture and knick knacks helping me decide where each item should go - do I keep it, donate it, sell it or give it away to friends. A job that would have taken me months was solved in 2 weeks.


If you need help facing an impossible task I highly recommend that you bring in Rina. Rina will make your life easier and she’s a lovely person to boot.

Rebecca N., Los Angeles, CA

Rina is not only a stellar organizational whiz but a stellar human being to boot.  To be an organizing consultant one must possess not only excellent organizational skills but also emotional intelligence, and Rina has it all.  She helped me organize & declutter the family home after my mother died, and she was truly a godsend.  When I needed to cry, she held space for that.  When I needed to obsess over some chotchke that I was feeling very attached to, she met me with the utmost patience.  And when it was clear that something had to go, she told me so firmly and gently.  What's more, she came up with organizing ideas that I would've never thought of.   


Having Rina shepherding me through that arduous process was the best grief therapy ever, because it both helped me say goodby to my mom AND got the house clean.  Highest of recommendations for the wonderful Rina Neiman!


Diana N., Berkeley

If you have an organizing job to be done, just hire Rina. You will be happy. You will make plans to have her do further projects to make your life smoother. You will not even think about the cost. 


Her system of dividing things into "keep, donate, recycle and store" piles makes the task far less intimidating. She is tireless, while also being very good company - qualities I find invaluable and rare. 


She is right there with you when you hit one of the many moments of indecision and although she doesn’t push too hard, somehow she manages to keep you and the project moving forward. 


I sold my house which I had lived in for 37 years and due to my work schedule, we needed to sort through everything, 
get it ready for the movers and have the house in presentable shape in about 10 days. Rina helped to organize everything so not only did we accomplish this, but when things arrived at my new place, they were all ready to be easily unpacked and put in place. Genius! 


Rina is willing to go the extra mile - she’ll bring in a friend who is an expert appraiser if that is needed, she’ll take those boxes to the shredder or to Goodwill - and just when you are flagging and wondering why you thought your project was a good idea or even possible, it’s done.

Bonnie S., Sebastopol, CA


The pile of papers in this office reorganization

project was 3' high and 6' long

Essential papers sorted and organized into easy to use filing system and storage

Industrial bakery/cafe storeroom reorganization

Items placed in order of kind and use.
Two full shelving units cleared. 

Bedroom closet reorganization project

Clothing sorted by type and stored in an easy to maintain system

Mission Accomplished!

Home organization and cleanout for move after 37 years, Oakland, CA

Triumph Over Chaos!

Clean out for move and sale, Newton, MA


Initial Consultation (in-person or online)

30 minutes


Hourly Rate:


2 hour minimum

Contact me regarding larger projects for a discounted rate

Contact me regarding projects outside the San Francisco Bay Area

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

Rina Neiman

(415) 505-7099

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